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Image by Marek Szturc

Vibrant Pets

Pets grace our lives with their gifts of unconditional love, companionship and undoubtedly serve as some of the greatest teachers we will ever know.  The deeper the bond with animals becomes, the more we seek a greater understanding for their species and their individual needs.  Our passion of connectivity has lead to the expansion in understanding their species appropriate needs through research of nutritional care, an in-depth understanding of their physical needs and strengthening our bond through communication and a duel desire for coexistence. With this knowledge we find ourselves returning to nature and the basics of ancestral ways that creates a solid foundation for a healthful journey with animals.

The journey begins with the responsibility of their Caretakers in returning the same level of unconditional love they provide us. We express this love in understanding them while providing for emotional, physical and nutritional needs so they may live an optimally healthy lifestyle. 

Vibrant Pets, is a multi-layered program dedicated to providing education for pet owners, complimenting Veterinarians and other pet professionals in personalized programs for felines and canines of all life stages, education and providing true nutrition, traditional as well as advanced  body-care, communication and overall wellness. 

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