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Total Care Bodywork

Total Care Bodywork Session™ is a specialty two hour body-work session provides five unique methodologies and is equivalent to receiving three different massage sessions.

The treatment session starts with an option of postural screening to understanding the current postural holding patterns of the body.  Your bodywork session will focus on your areas of concern and allows for creating a future program to help relax the tight muscles and negative patterns of the body.


Total Care Bodywork includes:

Electro Lymphatic Therapy - A high frequency, photon energy wand is applied lightly to the surface of the skin delivering energy currents into the tissue producing a negative ions, engaging the lymphatic system and creating better circulation of blood and lymph flow. This assists in the body's natural detoxification process while boosting the immune system. The wand is also an excellent tool when use on "problematic areas" such as: muscle knots, old and acute injuries, scar tissue, arthritic joints, tight tendons as well as areas of general discomfort as it assists your body in clearing sluggish tissue of waste and swelling.


Medi-cupping Vacuum Therapy - Unlike traditional cupping, medi-cupping provides a vacuum and release pumping motion that can penetrate as deep as four inches into the muscular skeletal tissue. The gentle pump and release motion softens restrictions in the fascia, while reducing spasms and scar tissue. The rhythmic motion encourages the elimination of tissue waste and increases general circulation and nutrient rich blood-flow to the tissues.

Manual Massage - Now that the tissue has been relaxed and the circulation increased, manual massage techniques and stretching are applied to the deeper layer of tissue for even further release and relaxation of the muscles and focus areas.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Massage is know for releasing waste from the tissues. In order to assist in the elimination of toxins and for increased health benefits of massage, the final step is lymphatic drainage/movement. Known as the second circulatory system, the lymphatic system picks up fluids and waste products from the spaces between the cells, filters and removes cellular waste, proteins, excessive fluid, viruses, reduce swelling in tissue. It is excellent for injury recovery, immunity boost, reduction in bloating/water retention, reduces pressure on cells allowing them to reproduce faster to heal the body. The application of special oils, very light cupping and manual movement create for a unique lymphatic drainage massage.


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