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Pure Barre

A high-intensity, low-impact full body sculpting program consisting of small, isometric movements engaging smaller less known muscles for strengthening and elongating. The static, focus of tiny movements  pushes each muscle to work to their edge. The program merging weight lifting, ballet and Pilates without any pressure on the joints.  

Some benefit of Barre workout include: 

Improved posture

Strengthen glutes and lower back

Tones abdominals and creates a strong core

Greater flexibility

Stress reduction

Greater mental focus

Strength enhancement

Ready to get started to a leaner, stronger body?  Join the Pure Barre 31 Day Body Sculpting Transformation!  

Private and streaming classes are available. Join the group for support and sharing your secrets to success while receiving motivational emails, recipes and healthful tips and community.

If you are ready to take your program to the next level, start your customized nutritional program, body posture, and Lean Screen program to  refine your lines, your body, your health, vibrancy and to be free to flow!  

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