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Pre/Post Surgical Care

Preoperative lymphatic drainage massage is a key component for any surgery preparation. Lymphatic massage helps to prepare the body for surgery by reducing congestion and stagnation within the lymphatic system. The rhythm of lymphatic drainage massage is very soothing, encouraging the body's parasympathetic response while aiding in reduction of recovery time and side effects from anesthesia and provides a gentle detoxification. 

An ideal time to receive pre-surgery lymphatic drainage is a few days or preferably the day/night before surgery.


Post-Surgery Lymphatic Drainage offers many benefits for the post-surgical patient. The lymphatic pathways are disrupted following surgical procedures. Studies have shown it  may take lymphatics seven to ten days to re-establish their natural function. 

Treatment can begin as early as twenty four hours post surgery. Gently, encouraging movement of the lymph fluid and pumping the lymph fluid aids in the reduction of swelling reducing bruising, stimulates the immune system, discomfort and can help to prevent the development of scar tissue. It increases circulation and aids in the removal of cellular debris, and can speed up the healing process by about 50%.

It may be advised to postpone Electo-lymphatic drainage and cupping immediately following a surgical procedure.

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