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Cat and Food


Connecting with the unique, individuality of a pet through nutritional care is one of the most loving and supportive approaches we can take to ensure a long, happy and healthy life. 


Bodywork & Therapies

Animals need and benefit from bodywork and treatments the same as humans in order to maintain physical comfort, a therapeutic form of recovery and healthy wellbeing. 



Communication comes in many forms with our animals. They may express themselves, vocally, through body language, sound, scent, touch, eye contact, and telepathically. Learn the language of your animal. 


 Healthier Together

Becoming healthier with your best friend. Join a nutrition and fitness program. 


Flow with the Equus™

The partnership of horse & rider is oneness.  Our program is dedicated to enhancing the performance and connection.


High Vibe Pet Tribe™

Join our Tribe for the latest on staying healthy with your pet! Become part of the community that believes in engaging your pet's health journey woven with your very own. 

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