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Superior nutrition is one of the most important and loving offering we can provide our pets.  The basis of our program is in returning to the "basics" of feeding whole, real food designed to provide the body with ultimate nutrition, vibrancy and longevity.  

​One of our  main goals is in providing education and support for the pet parent. Our 'back to basics' approach of feeding allows for smart decision making not only for the welfare of the pet, but in the creation and implementation of a program that does not negatively impact the pet owner’s schedule and lifestyle.  Our program may even strengthen the human/animal bond as the kitchen is a place we unite, we prepare food that nourishes the body and feeds the soul.  

​Our nutritional program begins with a questionnaire and virtual consultation. The data gathered is formulated into an individualized nutritional program encouraging healthier eating habits, maximizing nourishment, and restoration to the systems of the body.  Menu options range from homemade raw or cooked meals, commercial natural foods, enhancements for commercial diets and healthy snacks.  The formulation of home prepared meals meets the standards of AAFCO and FEDIAF and is 100% nutritionally sound.  ​


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Food from the Heart to Feed the Body & Nourish the Soul

Specialized Menu/Diet 

Specialized menus and diets are never cookie-cutter, rather personally designed for the unique requirements and needs of  your pet while integrating science based eating including nutrigenomics, breed specific care,  body types, and activity levels.  This vital information is intrigated into developing a nutritional care program in order to better support your pet.

Life Stages & Longevity

Different stages of life and activity levels require different nutritional care. Honoring the cycle of an animal's life ensures the pet is receiving all of its vital nutrients within each stage of life to maintain optimal health.

Pre/Post Pregnancy 

Proper feeding of a breeding bitch needs to begin  before she is  bred and  before her estrous cycle.  Dietary changes and maintaining adequate nutrition is needed to avoid malnourishment of the bitch and puppies.

Service/Therapy Dogs

The nutritional needs of service dogs must meet their job requirements a physical and mental expectation. 
In addition to caloric modification, other factors such as  for extreme temperatures need to be taken into consideration in order to keep them at an optimal level of performance and health.


Pre/Post Surgical Care

Nutritional care is essential part of preparing and supporting the body during the time of recovery from surgery.  If time permits, its important to ensure the body ins nutritionally sound going into surgery and has all the vital nutrients it needs during the healing process to aid in the recovery and potentially lessening the recovery time. 

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