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Nourish Thy Body

One of the most intimate relationships we will ever have with ourselves lays the choice of nourishment through food and hydration. Food is the basic foundation of life, it impacts our ability to thrive or just survive and water is essential for life and is involved in every biochemical reaction in our body.


Getting Back to Basics nutritional care begins with establishing the food /body connection while encompassing Hippocrates philosophy that food is either good or bad medicine.  Getting back to nature and the basics of true nutrition allows the body to process real food which contains energy life force for vitality, harmony and performance.  Food has a story to tell and holds the wisdom of the body. When we look at food as a whole it supports the body systems.  We can see this in the demonstration of food resembling the shape of organs in which it can directly nourish.  Sliced carrots look like eyes and is well known to eat carrots for good eyesight.  Sliced strawberries look like the internal portion of teeth while abundant in vitamin C  which is good for gum health and connective tissues, promote strong, healthy teeth and even whiten teeth. The connection to supporting good health lays in the cornucopia and generosity of the earth.


Modern society has created a challenging environment and even a distortion of our food sources. We have become distracted and often identify ourselves by our food choice lifestyles: (Vegan, Paleo, etc.). This can create a disconnect to our body as it is continually seeking a state of homeostasis and communicates through cravings, crying for help, nutritional deficiencies, protesting or in a state of gratitude.  We can support our body and provide it with a good foundation through proper gut function, clean, healthy, real food,  proper food combing, cycling food with the time of day for best assimilation and with seasonal foods and supporting our body type. 

Your journey begins with an intake form, food log capturing your food trends, emotions around food, intake for nutritional assessment, LeanScreen 2 & 3 D body composition for anthropometric body composition, waist hip ratio, BMI, BMR, Lean Body Mass and Telehealth an online video consultation.  Depending upon personal preference and other considerations it may be suggested to begin your program with a “reset” or purification pre-program to establish an environment where your body is in a better place to receive and utilize nutrients.

Upon completion of your initial intake, your personalized nutritional program and menu will be developed combining the science supporting nutrition along with your food preferences, medical/lifestyle history, culture, gender, life stage, personal goals, food intolerance schedule and lifestyle along with other factors. We will also explore your dosha or body type though the time honored practices and principle of an  Ayuvedic diet.  

As you continue through your personal, transformational, nutritional program, your menu and meal plans will evolve with your progress. You can feel deeply supported as we can work alongside your treating physician or other health care professionals. If you choose to explore deeper into you program online postural and fitness/wellness programs are available.  If you already have a trainer, then collaboration can be implemented as well to ensure you receive the best support in your healthful journey.

The platforms used are HIPPA compliant so rest assured your information is kept confidential.

An online professional-grade supplemental dispensary will provide you with your personalized supplement recommendations and dosage instructions which is available anytime from any device, delivered directly to your home and can be set-up for auto refill.

Your support system will also include apps to stay in contact and track of your personal program and as another means of communication.


Specialty Programs

Beauty & Vitality

Nourish from within so you can flourish and glow throughout. Support the body with body with beautifying, building foods, skin building beyond collagen while providing nutrition supporting radiance and fluidity in the body

Ayurvedic Nutrition

The Ayurvedic wellness diet is organized around the time of day to eat, what do eat according to your personal, dominaint body type of dosha - your most prominent energy.

Purification & Detoxification

Detoxifying and purification programs is an opportunity for allowing the body to gently eliminate waste while allowing the body to function better and reset in ways such as improved digestion, cut cravings and sleep to name a few.

Fasting with Food

Saturate your body with scientifically researched patented micro & macro-nutrients that deeply nourish your body in quantities and combinations so your body doesn't recognize it as food thus, your body mimics a fasting state. Your body is able to be deeply nourished and repair at the same time.


A nutritional program focusing upon supporting the life-stages and enriching the body with compounds it begins to produce less as we age supporting cellular health and homrone production.


Optimal nutrition is the foundation for athletic success. Sports nutrition applies the right foods for your body type, nutrients and hydration to assist the body while functioning at peak performance levels.

Bye-Bye Cellulite

Enriching your diet with nutritional support that reduces inflammation, blood flow and building the dermis to assist in the reduction and appearance of cellulite.

Pre/Post Surgical 

This program provides recommendations for how to obtain and create the most favorable environment for preparing the body for surgery and in deep support of the healing process.

Preparing for Life

Supporting the male and female body pre-conception through cleansing and  laying a foundation for healthy weight, optimizing maternal nutrition prior to conception.  

Lymphatic Love

The lymphatic system is the second circulatory system, immune system, supports weight management, purification and detoxification of the body.  This program supports the flow of the lymphatic system through dietary choices so it can better support the body systems and flow.

Belly Well

The Gut is the biggest digestive, immune and endocine organ in the body. It  has a direct  connection to mood, immune and general healthy. Like the brain, it contains similar neuronal components and neurotransmitters.  A good digestive tract is the foundation for good health. Explore how to create a healthy gut environment to support the systems of the body and experience an elevated level of vitality and health.

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