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The body is much like the Jericho rose. When it is without proper nutrition, energy flow and water it curls up into itself as a tight, dry ball.  Placed in the proper environment with nourishment and water the Jericho rose begins to expand becoming lush, green and flourishes.  This is also true for our bodies.

My approach in creating wellness programs is by observing the body as a beautiful design of endless channels and webs inner connected in communication through life-defining rhythms like breathing, the heartbeat, blood flow, lymphatic rhythm and natural movement. Body Flow explores your personal rhythm and develops a harmonious flow through nourishment, breath, body/energy treatments, movement, lymphatic flow and meditation. Our personal rhythm is powerful and has the capacity to change how we navigate in our bodies, our wellness journey and life.  Like a pebble dropped in a pool of water, a ripple expands throughout. Small changes can make a significant difference and vibrate though out our entire being.  Our journey begins with intention translated into movement within so we may flourish throughout. 

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