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 The practice of meditation is a consciousness-changing practice encouraging heightened states of awareness, calming effect upon the body and mind, expanding self-awareness, insight and well-being. Meditation as a practice for stress reduction helps one not only relieve stress at the moment of time, but provides ways in which to handle future stresses in your life in less reactive way.

Our meditation practices explore many avenues including: guided meditation, breathing-meditation practices and personalized meditation to expand your personal exploration and goals from developing a greater sense of relaxation, focus, connecting with your body, manifesting and healing sessions.

Beyond softening and expanding our mind through our meditation practice is the powerful pairing of breath and sound through rhythm and vibration. Vibration can trigger movement in the earth through earthquakes and avalanches.  The sound of our voice and through the vibration and frequencies through words such as in the mantra "Om" creates a primordial vibration, that resonates through us and is considered one of the most sacred sounds on earth. When we bring vibrational sounds into our meditations we deepen our resinous with the earth and existence. When spoken it means, unleashed possibility. 



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