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Lymphatic Lines of Life™

The lymphatic system is like a tree of life within the body. The roots are in the feet, the trunk is centered in chest, and branches out through he arms and through the top or crown of the head.  The lymphatic system same as tree circulate and from the roots and up to the trunk  through the crown and branches back to the trunk. This the natural flow and rhythm of the lymphatic system. 

The tissues of body - organs, bone and flesh excrete daily waste. This is similar to a tree dropping its dead leaves. Cells, like leaves contain energy life force. When the cell dies, the life force is gone and like the death of everything, it is essential for the swift removal of this cellular waste in order for the organs to be healthy and avoid damage from the toxic waste lingering, building up and interfering with the production of new cells and cellular rejuvenation. The lymphatic system is in part a system of elimination. The waste products are passed through this system via the circulation of the lymphatic fluid.  

Lymphatic drainage therapies are designed to stimulate and cleanse the human fluid system. When the lymph flow is free of obstruction there is an improvement in lymph fluid and circulation while stimulating the immune system by activating antigen/antibody movement, provide cellular nourishment to the blood stream, eliminate toxins, accelerate healing and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

At times, depending upon numerous circumstances, lymphatic flow can become stagnate and congested. This leads to sluggish lymphatic circulation, the accumulation of toxins, accelerate the aging process, weight gain and opens up a host for many physical problems.


The value of a healthy functioning lymphatic system can not be underestimated

not only for our general wellbeing but as a necessary modality in the healing and recovery process. Introducing gentle but powerful modalities aid in purifying the body of accumulated protein waste and provides an invaluable treatment in the healing process.

Statistically it has been shown lymphatic drainage can reduce aches and pains by 88%, anxiety by 61% and increase skin appearance by 44%, mood by 56%, sleep quality by 88% and energy levels up to 300%.

Four Part Lymphatic Drainage Program

Through research and years of working with the lymphatic system Jenna has developed an advanced four part lymphatic treatment that has been used in multiple ways in assisting individuals recover from injuries, surgeries, addressing scar-tissue, solid bloat, cellulite, increasing stamina and overall enhancing the vitality of the individual. The four part lymphatic drainage therapy includes: electro- lymphatic therapy, vacuum-cupping, manual lymphatic drainage and a priority blend of oils. This is a very powerful, multi-level treatment that surpasses manual lymphatic drainage on its own. 

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy 

Electro-lymphatic drainage devise uses radiant light energy, harmonic sounds that creates Noble Gas Ionization. The machine is based on vibrational energy technology addressing the energy field surrounding the cells. The harmonic sounds create a pulsation allowing the body to go into a parasympathetic state, while improving the flow of blood and lymph fluids. The light beam emits a stream of negative ions cleaning the space in between the cells, knocking of the positive ion, loosening waste from cells thus, aids in the flow and removal of waste products safely though lymphatic channels.

Vacuum Cupping Therapy


Vacuum Cupping unlike traditional cupping is a machined operated cupping device that creates a suction and pumping movement, with gentle vibration. This creates a separation in the layers of the tissue allowing for the clearing out old waste, releasing congestion, aids in releasing tight tissue, fascia and scars. When the tissue is released, this enables water absorption and encourages blood flow. The cups can go as deep as four inches into the tissue as needed for releasing deeper layers of the tissue. When the cups are used for the lymphatic system, the lift, pull, separate and mild vibration is extremely gentle as not to interfere with the flow of the lymphatic fluid while encouraging movement through the lymphatic pathways. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Certain areas of the body and depending upon the individual, hands-on, gentle wave like movements is a more appropriate modality encouraging the natural movement of the lymphatic fluid through the lymph vessels.

Essential Oil Blend 

Essential oils known for encouraging flow of the lymphatic system are added to the treatment for additional support of the lymphatic system.    

Green Leaves

Lymphatic Services

Scar-tissue Reduction

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Lymphatic Body Contouring

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