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Electro-Lymphatic Therapy


A state of the art high tech electronic lymphatic device provides a Neon/Argon photon particle beam generator, heart beat vibration (1.2Hertz), High/low frequencies 35,000 cycles/sec, and wide spectrum frequency. The lymphatic wand emits energy currents through the tissue and knock electrons off of the cells, which fall into the body fluids and create a negative ionic charge. By breaking the debris into tiny particles the waste is ushered out through the lymphatic network, the pressure of the lymph is raised; creating an expansion by improving the pressure differential of the high pressure of the blood and low pressure of the lymph.


The heart beat pulse of the wand encourages the body to go into a parasympathetic state. The vibration of the heart beat echoes our core vibration creating rhythmic harmony. The heart beat vibration allows one to fall into a greater space of harmony, connection to self and healing. The clogging of the lymphatic system is an electrical phenomena caused by the attraction of proteins. Cells have an electromagnetic charge that either bind them together or separates them.


The treatment balances the charge of the cell's electromagnetic field, thus, repolarizing the proteins. ELT penetrates deeper into the body than manual lymphatic massage and reduce the number of required sessions while intensifying the treatment. Dr. Chikly, M.D.,D.O. of The Chikly Institute, in his clinical practice, mentions his method of electro-lymphatic therapy combined with manual massage, he is able to achieve in one session that would typically take eight sessions of manual lymphatic drainage.


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