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Image by Humberto Arellano

Listen to Heart for it is the Universal  Rhythm of Language

Basic respect comes in honoring our pets as individuals with their own taste, likes, dislikes, emotions, good days, bad days, lazy days and everything in-between.  With respect, we are eager to listen and observe all the ways they communicate with us, subtle and definitive. 


Opening the many channels of communication is essential to a healthy relationship with animals.  Viewing our animals through human eyes, is the easiest way to miscommunicate with them and receive or give mixed messages. Communication becomes clear when it is species appropriate and deepens the bond and can often result in dissolving situations we view as "behavior problems". We must respect how they communicate through body language and behavior,  physical condition, energy levels, fluidity and movement and expression in their body. Rather than saying “Bad Dog” it presents an opportunity to pay attention as to why they behaved a certain way. What are they trying to say? How loudly did they “have to shout” or even playfully in animal language to get your attention. Like all relationships, their is only space for learning, listening, communication and growth. 


Telepathy is another form of communication we all do. This happens when you think of someone and receive a text or phone call. We use terminology like “listen to your heart, feel it in my bones. gut feeling, butterflies in my stomach.” Rather than referring to this as weird, or a coincidence we can embrace this as another form of communication.  Animals don’t have human words, but that does not mean they do have an open line of communication. They use  universal language.  This is how they share their stories and experiences with us. They also express through their hearts and this is the purest form of communication.  You can learn more about communication through our heart center as a documented and proven science at Heart Math Institute. One particular study was on heart resonance of a boy and his dog. Without verbal communication they communicated through the rhythms of their hearts. The heart rhythms become more coherent when the two were in the same room, and when they were separated there was a rise in the heart rhythm as an indication of anxiety or separation anxiety. There are additional studies on human to human and equine to human heart rhythms. Thus, the beautiful expression, “Heart to Heart.”

Vibrant Pets Communication program assists you to open up to the Psychology of your pet, how to work with such things such as aggression, training, separation anxiety and  housetraining.  How to better understand their behavior from breed, temperament, puppyhood, kittens and adult animals.

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