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 Power in Your Breath

The Latin word for breath is also spirit. They are one and the same. Our breath is our energy life force and oxygen is the most essential energy that the body needs. 


In breath, our diaphragm expands and with each inhalation and exhalation a natural squeezing creating an internal massaging of the organs is activated; This in return stimulates blood flow, activates the nervous system, pumps lymphatic fluids, engages the immune system and organ function. Our breath is the activation for the natural healing properties of the body invigorating and/or relaxing us.


In our daily lives we may be encountered with stressful situations, yet the body can not separate between daily stress and a state of distress, thus, this results in fight or flight.  When the body is in flight or fight, our breathing becomes shallow and rapid interfering with the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. The negative response to improper breathing impacts the nervous system which regulates organ activity, raises levels of adrenaline, increases blood pressure, the heart rate, disrupts the digestion along with other negative response functions of the body. The practice of mindful breathing allows us to soothe the systems of the body, send blood back into the extremities, calms the heart and helps it to return and function in a more harmonious state.

Breathe in Nature


​ Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese word for bathing in the forest. Shinrin in Japanese means “forest,” and yoku means “bath.” This is the expression of taking in the forest through our senses. Bathing in a forest is an experience we can take with us in our daily lives. When we are in nature, in our everyday experiences, even when walking though the parking lot, this is an opportunity to become present and bath in the experience of the air on or sunshine on your skin, the song of a bird, bathing and breathing in whatever nature has to offer us at that moment. There is truth in expressions such as: "stop and smell the roses". When we stop and smell the roses, it has been linked to enhancing our health and sense of wellness though up-lifting our mood, lowering blood pressure, relief of headaches and slows and deepens our breath.  Ocean air is rich in negative ions  which offset oxidative stress/damage slowing down the aging process and the onset of disease. The negative ion molecules pass through our skin and our lungs in the air we breath. Walking in the woods we inhale the aroma of  pines and the forest brings a sense of renewal, while the aroma of the forest is fresh and enhances our breath to become deeper. It is said fifteen minutes in a forest makes you feel more alive and vibrant.  If you cant make it to beach or a forest you can bring this to our home environment to recreate the experience through our Breathing in the Experience Meditative Practice.


Air is Freedom

 A series of bodywork  techniques and conscious breathing for releasing the seven major belts of tension in the body while activating the parasympathetic and sympthetic nervous system


Resonate Frequency Breathing

Resonate Frequency Breathing
Apply your breath in certain frequencies to entrain blood pressure, heart rate variability and brainwaves to synchronize in a fluid pattern,






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