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Beautiful Breasts

Universally, breasts are associated with beauty, love, security, support, nourishment and pleasure.  In our daily routines we often neglect our breasts, may have a negative fault finding with them and even fear for their health. 

It has been reported lifestyle intervention can have a dramatic impact upon the longevity of good breast health.

According to studies, 90-95% of breast cancer cases were attributed to lifestyle and environmental factors.

One of the greatest offering and pro-active steps we can do for our breast health is to create a deeper connection with them, through beauty rituals and support them with healthy lifestyle choices.

Through this program we explore care programs that can easily be incorporate to develop healthier choices for our breasts. We explore: diet, introducing immune supporting foods, herbs, supplements, probiotics, physical activity, lymphatic drainage, massage, avoiding certain clothing, seasonal detoxes, detoxifying deodorants nurturing balms. Dosha exploration, breaking down scar-tissue and restrictive tissue. 

The lifestyle enhancements rituals are easily incorporated into a daily routine and serve as focused upon breast health but also as general overall health and wellness.

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