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Historically, touch, body-work, massage and energy work are some of  the earliest forms of healing. These therapeutic application of healing honor your physical and energetic body for all they do on a daily basis. 


 Every session varies as the body is chronically in a state of change and movement.  This personalized approach allows for the exploration of the connective tissue of the body through holding patterns, restrictive tissue, sore muscles as a result from injury, acute/chronic or repetitive strain.  Incorporating an array of Eastern and Western techniques such as:

  • Trigger point

  •  Deep tissue

  •  Cupping/ Medi-cupping

  • Myofascial release,

  • Stretching

  •  Cranio-sacral

  •  Active release

  •  Acupressure

are incorporated to release bound up fascia, tension, knots and stagnation to aid in circulation, blood/lymph flow and  releasing cellular waste.  Supportive care may be recommended in addition to a bodywork session to further expand the treatment and healing process.  Programs may include self care products, supplements/herbs, customized meditations, breathing techniques and aromatherapy.

For a deeper understanding of undesirable holding patterns in the body and areas of repetitive strain a postural assessment can be given to provide a snap shot in time. Based on the assessment at home stretches and exercises are provided to help you achieve greater range of motion and more fluidity in body movement. 

Bowen Technique





Restorative Foot & Reflexolgy

 Hawaiin massage  with a focus on relaxing the physical and energetic body.


A Japanese technique of healing balancing the energies of the body. Rei - means "Universal Life" and Ki - means "Energy." Reiki balances the subtle energies in the body and aids in balancing the chakra system.

White Sand and Stone


Customized Massage

Total Body Care

A two hour session providing five unique methodologies and is equivalent to receving three different massage sessions.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage aids the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance and immune function. Lymphatic drainage is available in manual massage or in one of kind four part lymphatic drainage program. Learn more 

Ayuvedic Massage

 Ayurvedic massage or abhyang-oil massage, uses specific oil blends to balance your
dosha or body type.specific massage strokes and rhythm provide benefits like released muscle tension, lymphatic drainage and deep nourishment to the skin.

Body Contouring
Natural Facelift

The combination of medi-cupping, accupressure,
electro-lymphatic lymphatic drainage and other techniques combined with a special blend of oils enhances your  natural curves, reduces the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and lifts  your lines, reduces water retention and enhances skin glow.

A personalized massage addressing your unique needs incorporating an array of modalities for a greater sense of relaxation and muscular relief. Available in 60, 90 & 120 min.

Lomi Lomi

Bowen Therapy

A gentle technique of relaxing and stretching the fascia.

Prenatal Massage

A gentle massage addressing the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and can improve circulation, and help reduce tension and stress. Prenatal is not recommended until the 2nd trimester. 

Reiki & Energywork

A deeply relaxing treatment helping to restore balance to the energies of the body.

Sports Massage

Excellent for pre/post sporting events and as part of a maintenance program aid in injury prevention and reduce recovery time. Treatments incorporate cupping, stretching and massage techniques. 

A traditional form of Hawaiian massage applying a rhythm of strokes and movements bringing a deeper sense of relaxation to the mind and the body recognizing they are invariably interlinked and mutually interdependent.

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