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Free Flow Body™ is the exploration and connection to your body and its movements like the flow and rhythm of water. This is a natural approach as we are essentially water-beings.  Movement in the body is like a flowing stream of water and rolling waves. Restricted range of motion, lack of movement, poor food choices and other factors can create disruptions in the natural flow of the body.  Like water, toxic stagnation and congestion can occur in the body and block natural circulation and create disharmonious pathways. 


Body Flow begins with a loving relationship with water, honoring our body daily proper hydration so it can function properly starting at a cellular level.  Water has the chemical and physical properties essential for all body functions such as breathing, digestion, and muscle movement.  With the flow of water all other parts of the body become lubricated and enriched. The fluids of the body transport nutrition, oxygen and flush waste matter, the blood is more readily able to flow in its channels, the muscles become energized and ready for movement and with movement we are able to work through stagnant areas in the body, tight fascia and create a more harmonious flow.  Water is the key nutrient in the makeup of synovial fluid, the lubrication of joints so we can move better. Water supports healthy weight, it rids the brain of toxins, keeps cells active, regulate our stress levels and improve our mood. The lymphatic system can flush toxins, build the immune system and reduce water retention. Proper hydration is key to respiration and cells use oxygen to get energy from the food you eat. 

Body Movement


Our ability to move freely in our bodies has everything to do with our fascia, muscle condition and the development of scar tissue. Fascia is a liquid-crystalline connective web that weaves through our entire body. The connective web of fascia impacts our posture and range of motion. Bodywork and movement exercises are essential for creating fluidity in our movements, creating strength, build/define muscles, release old holding patters and poor posture while applying intentional breathing for greater oxygen flow and moving energy through the body.


Food is information for our bodies on how to function. When we eat poor quality or "fake" food, our body doesn't know how to process the foreign information and this results in miscommunication in the body which translates to low energy, digestion problems and disruption in the body. Alternatively, eating wholesome, real food your body can easily covert it allowing the systems of the body flow with good circulation and energy output.

Breath Work

Intentional breathing techniques truly is a fluid exercise creating harmony in the body, reduces stress and even helps the fascia to unwind while providing oxygen so cells can be utilize food for fuel.


Meditation relaxes our bodies so it can experience more fluidity, it allows us to develop new habits and create new realities so we are in the stream and helps us to develop a more positive relationship with ourselves.  Our thoughts move through our entire body and can aid to heal or hinder us.  Studies show thoughts can dramatically effect the shape or crystals of water.  Considering we are fluid beings, imagine the transformation that can occur on a deep level just through positive thought. 



Feel the Flow


Nourishment for your personal body type is the foundation in which all else is built. Nutritional programs are customized for your goals and unique needs.

Discover different methods for creating relaxation, balance, strength & movement in the body 


Discover going with the flow of your breath while exploring different techniques to support the body and explore it on new levels through intentional breathing techniques 


Explore the movement of the mind through stillness or experience guided meditations to take you to another place, widen your understanding of self  and deepen your connection with your consciousness and body.

Lymphatic Flow

Support your immune system, detoxify your body, encourage your lymphatic system to flow freely so you can experience a greater sense of vitality   

Body Movement

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