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Body Flow

Body Flow™ is the exploration of your body through fluidity of movement, breath-work, low-impact physical exercise, bodywork, lymphatic drainage, meditation and  nourishment. Services are al la carte or formulated into a programs specifically designed  for you.

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Vibrant Pets

The most loving gift we can provide our beloved pets is the gift of health and wellness. Vibrant Pet programs range from customized nutritional care, bodywork, specialty programs such as assisting with smooth travels, healthy weight and understanding how your animal is communicating with you.

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Specialty Programs

Discover science based and luxurious approaches to beautification and longevity though unique programs. Fasting with nutrient dense foods,  workplace wellness and  personal lifestyel goals.

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Education is knowledge, and knowledge shared is wisdom. Explore the library offering online classes, programs, blogs, e-books, videos and more. Raise your awareness, vibration and mind/body wisdom.

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Enjoy your shopping experience of health enhancing products, nutritional care, body care, animal care, just to name a few.


Discover the next level of personalized wellness care.  My specialty programs serve as a Lifestyle Concierge for You.

Twenty years of experience as a Wellness Practitioner has provided me the understanding on how to  truly listen to the unique needs and health enhancing aspirations of my clients. I strive to stay atop of the latest studies on longevity, health and lifestyles practices while honoring and implementing the wisdom of timeless, holistic practices.  My programs are designed on supporting research of practices and ​​​​​​getting back to basics for dynamic health, vitality, and a greater sense of well-being.

Connecting to the basics and programs specifically designed for an individual allows for rejuvenation, fluidity in the mind and body through proper nourishment, breath, mindfulness and movement, enhancing your wellness journey to be one of free flow and glow.​


Naturally, some services can only be provided in an one on one setting but through modification and technology many programs are adaptable for your convenience regardless of your global location. 

About Jenna

Jenna has twenty years experience in the Health and Wellness Industry. She provides integrative therapies such as nutritional counseling, massage therapy, energy work, breathing techniques, meditation/mindfulness and movement to support individuals in their personalized health and wellness journey.


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